Depicting the journey of life and the importance of protecting those you love

1Life, a leading direct life insurer, is proud to present its Loerie nominated brand advert, 1Hello.

The advert is focused on reminding everyday South Africans that when you start to appreciate the aspects that add value to your life – the people, the sounds, the memories, and the smells – you will want to protect them and keep them close to your heart.

In an emotive 90 second story, the brand brings to life one man’s journey of life’s great relationships, treasured moments, hardships and achievements – all of which he will one day need to say goodbye to. It is a relatable tribute to what we have, and what we will someday leave behind.

“Over the past year, the 1Life brand journey has truly evolved – we have moved away from the traditional risk profiling adverts and really aligned to our vision of changing lives. It is with this in mind, we worked closely with our advertising agency – House of Brave – and focused on bringing continued authentic storytelling to the fore, directed by the key message that sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that have the biggest impact on you,” says Katharine Liese, General Manager Marketing at 1Life.

“The journey of life is pivotal to our brand – we honour life and we make provision for the future of our clients’ loved ones, which is a cornerstone to this advert. It is about giving people the power to say ‘hello’ to a bright future for their loved ones when, one day, they will need to say goodbye. It reflects on all the reasons they would want to protect their loved ones and gives the viewer an opportunity to connect with the life we depict – an average man, cherishing his experiences and reflecting on how he will give his loved ones the opportunity to live a full life in the future,” continues Liese.

“To truly demonstrate the breadth and depth of life’s journeys, the advert needed to cover contrasting and varying landscapes and therefore, we selected Port Elizabeth for 90% of this shoot. Offering the opportunity to cut between open farm lands, ocean drives, urban and suburban areas – this region offered real diversity from a commercial perspective. As a largely underutilised area in South Africa for television adverts, this region provided the brand an opportunity to really bring the varying scope and mystical quality, of the journey of life to fruition,” says Vanessa Pearson, Executive Creative Director at House of Brave.

The advert and campaign was developed and executed by House of Brave’s creative team, headed up by Executive Creative Director, Vanessa Pearson and directed by Jono Hall from Darling Films. As a result of strong creative direction and execution, this commercial was a finalist in the 2017 Annual Loeries Awards, in the Television and Cinema Commercials – up to 90s – and the Television Craft Writing categories.

The 1Life advert is a moment of truth, encouraging consumers to take a moment to think about the things that really matter in life, and how best to protect them. From a commercial perspective, it aims to elevate the brand as the experts when it comes to advice, financial planning and life for all the future holds.

“At 1Life, we are committed to a key premise – Changing Lives. We believe that this campaign is another way we are really able to do this, encouraging consumers to think about the future and giving them the opportunity to make that one call, that one simple ‘hello’ which can help them take care, today, of what the future holds for both themselves and their families. We hope that the emotive nature of this campaign will drive real understanding to consumers and we look forward to witnessing what we believe will be a very strong, successful brand campaign,” concludes Liese.

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How to get your funeral claims paid out

In times of grief, when you are suffering emotionally and physically, you shouldn’t be dealing with the disappointment of an insurer rejecting or delaying to payout your claim.

Lee Bromfield, CEO of FNB Life, says during this time, beneficiaries need access to cash within 24 hours from the time of death to make the necessary arrangements to give their loved ones a dignified funeral. A quick payout from your insurer is, therefore, an absolute necessity.

Instead of being caught off guard when tragedy strikes, Bromfield advises consumers to familiarise themselves with the claims process, policy documents and their rights:

1.  Submitting the correct documentation on time – the common reason why many claims get delayed is because consumers often fail to submit the certified claim form, notice of death form, death certificate and a copy of the deceased’s ID document on time.

“Because we are able to obtain a verified death certificate through the National Population Register from the Department of Home Affairs, following the submission of a notice of death form from customers, we currently pay out 80% of claims within a day of receiving all documents,” says Bromfield.

“The sooner your insurer gets all the relevant documents, the quicker the payout time.”

2. Correct beneficiary details – this is equally important as submitting the right documents.

Without the correct beneficiary details, claims cannot be paid out to your loved ones in the event that they were not aware of the policy.

“Through the National Populations Registry, FNB Life continuously identifies claims that haven’t been submitted, and we are able to contact the beneficiaries and payout, if we have the correct contact details, says Bromfield.

3. Beware of unscrupulous insurers – always do your background check before taking up an insurance policy to ensure that the company is legitimate, and is underwritten by a registered long term insurance company.

This will help you avoid any surprises when you or your loved ones claim.

4. Know your rights – when an insurer rejects your claim, you have the right to object in writing. If the complaint is still unresolved and you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can approach the Long-term Insurance Ombudsman for assistance.

Make it a priority to read and understand the terms and conditions of your policy and establish if there are any violations and exclusions that may prevent your claims from being paid out.

“In general, funeral policies shouldn’t have many restrictions, apart from standard waiting periods and prohibition against illegal activities,” concludes Bromfield.

Disrupt and Grow – The 2017 Global KPMG Insurance CEO Survey

A new insurance story is unfolding in an industry which has a global premium income of 4.5 Trillion USD as CEO’s start to pick up the pace in the face of unprecedented changes. These changes are at a global level and the change actors will impact East Africa as a key emerging market which has ambitious plans to grow premium income, with a young and dynamic customer base and a rapidly expanding middle class.

Five key messages have emerged that require East Africa Insurance CEO’s to consider as they continue to build up the sector:

  1. Disruption is long term- CEOs need to transform their businesses to meet the changing needs of customers. In fact, 81% see disruption as an opportunity, not a threat.
  2. Customer are key- global and East African wide regulation is moving from a focus on solvency to market conduct and customer centricity. 73% of CEO’s can confidently articulate their customer value proposition. This is especially critical in East Africa which is moving towards multi-distribution channels.
  3. Risks are changing- The only certainty is change. New risks which concern CEO’s are managing operational risk, talent and cyber but top of mind is emerging technology. We expect to see more automation as disruptive technology and innovation creates digital labour and solutions like block-chain.
  4. The Future is everything- As change impacts, CEO’s realise they must make increasing bold decisions to stay in the game. Confidence is also increasing though as 58% believe they are effective at sensing market signals.
  5. Focus on results- CEO’s must manage tight budgets to optimise and more than ever, they need to be strategic- 59% say the primary objective of any investment is to transform their business and operating models.

To accelerate innovation and to thrive, it is clear CEO’s both globally and in East Africa must change the old ways of thinking and old models to create transformational eco-systems that deliver on their ambitions.

*KPMG surveyed over 100 Insurance CEO’s from across 10 markets.

Health cash plan can cover loss of income

People who are self-employed, temporary workers, artisans, vendors and tradesman who are not permanently employed can often find themselves facing huge medical bills and expenses in the unfortunate event that they are hospitalised for a couple of days.

Being hospitalised also means that individuals who rely on their skills to put food on the table will usually have no income during this difficult time.

“A health cash plan which can cover your entire family for non-medical expenses, as a result of hospitalisation is ideal in this situation, since you can qualify to get a cash pay-out for each day that you are in hospital,” says Lee Bromfield, CEO of FNB Life.

“You can find yourself with a huge gap in your income when hospitalised, leading to financial stress as you worry about money needed to pay for daily expenses and bills which won’t simply go away just because you are sick,” says Bromfield.

It is, therefore, essential to always plan ahead for emergencies as you will never know when you will get sick or injured, especially if your job requires you to be healthy and physically present all the time.

“Even if you do have medical aid, a health cash plan will still come in handy to provide you with some sorely needed cash to help with any additional expenses incurred while you are in hospital,” adds Bromfield.

He cautions, however, that a health cash plan policy should not be confused for a medical aid, but rather be used as complementary cover for bills that would normally not be catered for by your provider.

For example, since the health cash plan benefits may be used for anything you want, someone who has lost two days of work and income, can use the cash benefits to make up for the days lost.

“Furthermore, it is important to read and understand the terms and conditions when taking out this policy to know exactly what you are covered for. For instance, many insurers will not cover you if illness, injury or dependence syndrome occurs as a result of using substances such as drugs or alcohol,” explains Bromfield.

FNB now offers a health cash plan to all its customers, their spouses, up to eight children, four parents or parents-in-law and up to seven extended family members.

The FNB Health Cash Plan pays out your chosen daily cash benefit for non-medical expenses if you are hospitalised for more than 48 consecutive hours.

You’re never too young for life insurance

ou are never too young to get life insurance

24 July 2017 – If you are employed and have people who rely on you financially having life cover is essential regardless of your age.

Lee Bromfield, CEO of FNB Life says the most basic need for life insurance is to ensure that your loved ones are not impacted financially in the unfortunate event that you pass away.

“For families that are finding it hard to make ends meet, not having life cover can both be a missed opportunity and a costly mistake as a loss of income could have undesired consequences,” says Bromfield.

Young professionals often assume that life insurance is only necessary when having your first child or getting married, overlooking the fact that there may be other family members or dependants who rely on them directly or indirectly.

“Even if you don’t have people that depend on you yet, there could be those who are already looking up to you to assist financially. For example, siblings that you could assist with school requirements and funding for university,” says Bromfield.

He says a life insurance policy could further help realise aspirations that you would not be able to fulfil in the unfortunate event of death, such as building a family home or property portfolio in order to create wealth and leave a legacy.

“With a life policy you can ensure that your dreams still come true when you are no longer around to realise them personally,” he adds.

Your policy can also come in handy to reduce tax costs associated with winding up a deceased estate and ensure that your beneficiaries get the maximum of their inheritance.

Depending on your income and risk level, when getting a home loan, banks may also require you to take out a life policy which would be ceded against the loan. This ensures that your dependants don’t have to worry about lenders coming after the asset should something happen to you.

Moreover, life insurance is more affordable at a young age compared to when you are older. Therefore, getting life cover as early as possible will not only safeguard your dependants, but will help ensure that you get a good premium rate.

“If you neglect taking out life cover as soon as you start working you could be compromising the financial wellbeing of your loved ones,” concludes Bromfield.

Kaizer Chiefs Insurance

The third Kaizer Chiefs Insurance store opened its doors to customers in Durban on Friday, 7 July, giving supporters in KwaZulu-Natal access to Kaizer Chiefs insurance products and services as well as exclusive club merchandise.

The new store is situated at shop 141 at Umlazi’s Mega City on Griffiths Mxenge Highway and is the third of six insurance stores that will open in different provinces and cities before the end of the year. The project is a joint venture between Kaizer Chiefs and long-standing insurance partner and sponsor, Hollard.

The first two stores at Alexandra township’s Alex mall and Fatima Bhayet street in Rustenburg are up and running and have been offering customers insurance-related services and selling exclusively licensed Kaizer Chiefs merchandise at affordable prices as well as KC Mobile.

“KwaZulu-Natal is our second home and it makes a lot of sense for us to open the store in Durban to attend to our supporters’ insurance and merchandise needs,” says Kaizer Chiefs’ Marketing Director, Jessica Motaung.

“It is exciting that we have managed to open three stores in the last few weeks with very few glitches. We encourage all our supporters to visit the store at Mega City to see what we have to offer and learn about our insurance offering and get your SIM card.”

Apart from offering face-to-face insurance services, Kaizer Chiefs Insurance stores sell some of the exclusively licensed merchandise including t-shirts, hats, caps, scarfs, blankets and other products that can only be found at the Kaizer Chiefs stores. The store will sell KC Mobile starter packs, provide RICA facilities and sell airtime to patrons.

The stores are unique in that they carry a selection of limited stock and special offers that are unavailable anywhere else – It truly is a full Kaizer Chiefs Insurance store experience.

Motaung once again thanked Hollard for the partnership in this new venture that will help create jobs opportunities for locals, assist supporters with their insurance needs and help the two brands get closer to their supporters and customers.

The KC Insurance store in Umlazi will operate between 9:00 and 17:30 from Monday to Friday and 8:30 to 13:00 on Saturdays.

Drone Insurance

Drone sales have taken off over the past couple of years, creating a dedicated cult of enthusiasts and a new breed of photographer.

Despite the success of the gadget in South Africa, however, many people overlook insurance – strange when one considers that some drones cost more than a new car.

As toys or recreational gadgets, says Ronelle Taylor of MUA Insurance Acceptance, drones should be added to an owner’s existing personal insurance policy.

While some insurers may cover drones as part of a household contents policy, however, this won’t necessarily apply when the drone is in use.

Drone-specific insurance is a different beast altogether. Most insurers, notes Taylor, will require commercial and corporate drone owners and operators to present a valid Remote Pilot License when applying…

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Rebranding for local insurance company

OUTsurance Holdings Limited, today unveiled an all new corporate identity and simultaneously launched its new website and mobile application.

Established in February 1998, the company has over the past 20 odd years become one of South Africa’s most identifiable brands. Its catchy name and strapline of “You always get something out”, which from the very beginning suggested that it would be doing insurance differently, remains unchanged. It has completely redeveloped and introduced new functionality to its company website and mobile application and revised its corporate identity.

Willem Roos, Group CEO commented “We’ve built OUTsurance on three core principles. Firstly we deal directly with our clients and so we can provide high quality products with exceptional value for money. We then back this up with awesome service, particularly when clients need to claim from us. Thirdly we foster a culture of innovation within the business to ensure we attract great people and continue to grow.”

The new OUTsurance mobile app will offer a raft of innovations. For instance clients will be able to lodge a claim on the app or even complete a windscreen claim without having to interact with the call centre at all. Clients can also cover a new item on their facility with only a few taps and by taking a photo of the new item using their smartphone. App users can furthermore refer friends and family to OUTsurance and earn cash rebates off their premium for doing so.

Even more exciting is the functionality that OUTsurance is offering to everyone – whether they’re a client of theirs or not. SmartDrive is their brand new telematics programme that allows discounts of up to 25% of a person’s premium – depending on how well they drive. Help@OUT, the 24/7/365 emergency roadside and home assistance service is also accessible to all registered app users. The app even allows users to perform a life insurance quote in under a minute.

“The fact that we’ll come and help you out if you’re stuck on the side of the road with a flat tyre or battery whether you’re a client or not and completely free of charge, really ties in well with our brand promise”, said Roos. “With SmartDrive clients will be able to earn a further discount of up to 25% on their car insurance premiums. People who are not yet OUTsurance clients can download the app, and after a period of driving well, get up to a further 25% discount on their OUTsurance quote. SmartDrive can make a significant contribution towards making our roads safer” comments Roos.

The company’s new digital innovations don’t stop there. Roos further eluded to an all new financial services product that has been developed and is in testing saying, “We’re in final testing of an all new savings product that we believe will bring much needed disruption and innovation to the savings and investment space. OUTvest has all the potential to shake up that market in much the same way that OUTsurance shaped insurance. There are some exciting times ahead for our group.”The new OUTsurance app is available in the Apple store and the Play store for android users. The company’s new website is live and the rebranding campaign can be viewed at